Class Schedule

DTC (Driver Training Centre Inc) makes it convenient for students and parents. We attempt to make scheduling of classes and in-car lessons flexible. It's important to plan ahead and we recommend pre-registration to guarantee your spot in our upcoming classes. For specific details of class dates please see updates on Facebook, call or email us. Click here to Register.

Saturday Classes
  • Ongoing set of three different classes. Students may start any Saturday they choose.
  • When registering online, simply choose a date you would like to start and we will contact you regarding the closest available date to begin classroom and in-car lessons. Please note that there may be gaps in our classroom scheduling due to holidays.
  • Classes held at our office at 4123 – 4th St. NW

Note: Weekday and Saturday classes available throughout summer. We have two sets of classes in both July and August. They run Tuesday through Thursday.

High School Programs
  • Each High School has a different system for enrolment of DTC’s driver education program. The school boards are exonerated from any responsibly regarding this program.
  • Classes are held at the high school on dates set by the Teacher.
  • Pickup-up and drop-off is offered to students who live in town.
  • Registering early for current or future programs guarantees placement. No prepayment required.
  • Please email or speak with the High School teacher/secretary involved for exact start dates.
St. Francis High School

Approximate timeline for classroom instruction:

  • Mid October classroom - Late October/early November in-car
  • Late January classroom - Late January/ early February in-car
  • Mid April classroom - Late April / Early May in-car
  • Late May classroom - Mid June in-car
Holy Trinity Academy

Approximate timeline for classroom instruction:

  • Mid September classroom - Late September in-car
  • Mid December classroom - Late December/early January in-car
  • Late March classroom - Early April in-car
  • Mid June classroom - In car lessons are flexibly scheduled near end of exams.
Foothills Composite High School

Approximate timeline for classroom instruction:

  • Late November classroom - Early December in-car
  • Late February classroom - Early March in-car
  • Late May classroom - Early June in-car
Summer Classroom schedule

*Note: Summer weekday classes may be combined with Saturday classes or other sessions throughout the summer to allow for more flexibility. Our classes are usually schedule to run from Tuesday through Thursday. We schedule four sets of these classes through the summer. They run every two weeks, usually beginning the second week of July. Please call, email or see Facebook for updates.